Saturday, January 22, 2011


I always find it hard to find swimmers that are both attractive and cheap. I mean $100 for two strips of lycra? Ridiculous! Some of us are poor students! Gosh! So this year before my family set out for our annual beach camping adventure I thought I’d bite the bullet and face my fears of sewing with stretchy material. I’d been eyeing off the free Alison pattern on BurdaStyle for about a year so I finally had a go. According to the forums the instructions are a bit hard to follow so I followed morbidlove’s step by step instructions and it progressed without too many problems. Thank gosh for overlockers! The worst part was trying to the straps on... and the elastic at the bottom. Blast stretchy material! But I’m happy with the results. I shall definitely try it again, especially if I can find some rad stripes or spots to throw into the mix. Ah, the possibility!  -Caitzig xx

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